Revise It and Get

Any customer would like to receive the best research paper, written in accordance with the major academic standards. If they ask for a revision, they need to get more effective and informative content or remove any misunderstandings in the text. Our service offers a revision guarantee available free of charge if the client’s request corresponds to the following terms.

  1. Instructions.

Remember that your initial guidelines and revision guidelines should be identical. If not, the Quality Assurance Department at our company will reject the report because your original instructions are satisfied.

  1. Submission.

Submitting a request is a simple process a customer may perform from his/her personal account. When you receive an order, it is necessary to check all main issues in order to decide whether the content is appropriate or not. If you do not approve the order, just click the certain button or ask your personal writer to revise the paper. In case you approved it but noticed some disagreements or errors in the text, you can remake it with new instructions within 7 days and send the document to our customer support team. In addition, if there is a possibility you are not satisfied with the writer’s performance, we will select the new one for you.

  1. Deadline.

Deadline is thought to be a very specific revision term, so get to know the following main nuances. Firstly, you can ask for revision whenever you need before approving the order. Secondly, when you receive a preview of the finished paper within the deadlines, you may request a revision for two weeks after the limits. Finally, after the approval, you have up to 7 days to remake your research paper for free or pay an additional sum to have extra time in stock.

  1. A number of revisions available.

The writers and editors at our service can revise any order three times if the conditions mentioned above are satisfied. This means a client receives up to three editions of a paper on his or her request to get the highest quality possible. The number of suggestions, corrections, restrictions and ideas can be numerous if there is such a need. But the major feature, in this case, is to check the finished paper carefully before asking for one more revision.

  1. The duration of revision.

If you need to increase the quality of your research paper but worry about the deadlines, we can assure you that the revision process won’t take long. The staff is intelligent and hardworking enough to perform it in a short amount of time. Up to three days and you will be sent a document with improved content.

We truly believe this piece of information about the revision policy has been useful for you. Our team is at your disposal, so feel free to contact us at any time.